An avatar is a small image that each member on Neoseeker is allowed to have. This image can be used by other members to identify you by differentiating your posts by image rather than username.


[edit] Restrictions

Avatars must be:

  • 80x80 pixels or smaller in size. If your image is larger than 80x80 and less than 600x600 the image will be resized to the recommended dimensions.
  • No greater than 350KB in file size.
  • In .gif, .jpeg (or jpg), or .png image format only.
  • Not in violation of questionable content rule outlined in the Forumwide Rules of Conduct, Etiquette And Acceptable Behavior.

[edit] Changing Your Avatar

To change your avatar, follow the Profile Overview link, and then go to Edit User Bio/Picture on the right side of your profile. Scroll down and you will see Profile Photo. Here, you are allowed to choose the method of uploading your avatar: either by choosing a file from your computer or by putting the URL or link to the image. Unlike Signature images, avatars do not need to be uploaded to a web host (e.g. Photobucket, Imageshack) before being viewed on Neoseeker.

The avatar updating feature has now been improved. This means you will get to see your avatar change from the old to the new almost instantly, rather than having to refresh the page.

[edit] Resizing Your Avatar

Members have the option to upload bigger avatars than the standard size (anywhere from 80x80 to 100x100) with Neoseeker Plus, but it will automatically resize down to the recommended size when your subscription ends. This gives people the opportunity to create more detailed avatars without any loss, with the notable exception of an animated gif.

[edit] Removing Your Avatar

You used to be able to remove your avatar by uploading a PNG image for an avatar, due to a bug. However, PNG avatars are now allowed and thus, PNG avatars show now. The tool for removing one's avatar is now done by the simple means of a "delete avatar" button when editing one's profile.

Removing your avatar

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