Assassin's Creed III Online Roster

This is the Wiki Page for the Neoseeker clan [NEO] on Assassin's Creed III on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC, and Wii U. Below are the clans guidelines, or "creed" that all members who are part of the clan must agree and abide by whilst donning the Neoseeker clan tag.


Clan Guidelines

  • Flaming - Some banter between members is alright, and even between yourself and players on other teams, but there is a limit. Please, while donning your Team Neo clan emblem try avoid being slanderous to other members that are you playing this. This may include anything from calling them names maliciously or being exceptionally slanderous.
  • "Rage Quitting" - Try not to quit if you're / the team are losing. I know more than anyone how frustrating it can be when people are using GOD DAMN OFFENSIVE SMOKE BOMBS AND GUNS, but it's no reason to leave the game and having your other team members left a man short. Of course there may be legitimate reasons for you leaving a game, such as needing to go somewhere, if that it is the case it might be worth organising your time and if you know you need to be somewhere soon, not starting a game.
  • Neoseeker Rules and Etiquette - Because, in a sense, you will be representing Neoseeker when playing the game with the Neo clan tag adorned all rules of the forum and the site generally apply. But I'm sure you already knew that
  • Clan Specific Rules - If we're going to play competitively obviously we should have rules between ourselves. For example... NO *bleep*ING OFFENSIVE SMOKE BOMBING.... *ahem* or other infuriating activities regulars of the online scene might be familiar with. Something like this can be discussed in due course, if of course we decide to go ahead with self imposed rules.

Online Identities (edit)

Playstation 3

NeoName: Dragoon
Online ID: tangent_boy
Nationality: British

NeoName: Hurricarno
Online ID: Tobertron
Nationality: British

NeoName: DarshD
Online ID: DarshD555
Nationality: Indian

NeoName: Intoxication
Online ID: twistedslug
Nationality: downunder

NeoName: xWarriorOfLegendx
Online ID: xWariorOfLegendx
Nationality: Australian

NeoName: Whelan
Online ID: liamwpk
Nationality: English

NeoName: Boo
Online ID: Besanii
Nationality: American

NeoName: glennterje94
Online Tag: Glennterje94
Nationality: Norway

Xbox 360

NeoName: Assassino
Gamer Tag: Assassin Benax
Nationality: Mid-European / Norwegian


NeoName: Freeze
Online ID: Freeze-ubi
Nationality: Dutch

NeoName: Taki
Online ID: Itamy
Nationality: Kurdish / Norweigan

NeoName: gloriafr
Online ID: Alcara
Nationality: Cypriot

Wii U

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