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An Administrator is the ultimate overseer of Neoseeker and other aspects of the wider business of Neo Era Media. They have the final say on matters of policy and technical decisions on the site. They are denoted in the forums by their admin rank which appears under their username. They are further recognizable by their blue profile icon: Profile ico blue.gif


[edit] Responsibilities

Administrators work from the Neoseeker office in Canada and have access to all aspects of the site, from global moderation powers on the forums, like that of a super moderator, to root access to the servers and databases comprising the site's core infrastructure. They are ultimately responsible for all aspects of the site, the wider business and its continuity. All site ranks are answerable ultimately to administrators. Administrators may also be responsible for the hiring and firing of staff, the promotion and demotion of super moderators and the management of the site's forum structure. Their typical tasks include: designing and developing new site features, managing the workload of the Neostaff team and responding to bug reports or assigning them to other developers for addressing.

While they have global moderation capabilities, the authority to use them at their discretion and the jurisdiction to override decisions by all ranks of user, seldom do administrators interject in day-to-day moderation issues on the site which are delegated to the moderator team whose management is overseen by super moderators.

[edit] Current administrators

[edit] Neostaff presently displayed as admins

While the "admin" tag appears as a display rank for these users in the forums, their actual role more closely resembles that of a Neostaff member:

[edit] Former administrators

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