Activity Settings

If you look in your edit Profile page on the left hand side you'll see a new section called Activity Settings here you may modify any setting related the Activity feature on Neoseeker.

[edit] Location Privacy

This section will allow you to set who, and what can be seen for your location. The location can be seen in your own profile ie: and will say something such as "Last seen editing their profile".

The Location Privacy section:
Location privacy.jpg

You have two options you may edit with three levels of privacy.

  • Time Preference
    • The time portion of the string will contain how long ago you've last been seen
  • Location Preference
    • The location portion will show where you were last seen

The three levels of privacy should be pretty straight forward. It should be noted that the Neofriends Only setting will only apply to people who you've added to your own list as a friend, not a contact. On the chart, if -------- is depicted it will just show the last time the user logged in, which was what the old profiles would always have displayed.

To help illustrate how these settings work and what the end result will look like here's the results and a chart of what people will see depending on what you set.

Location Privacy Diagram.jpg

Members/Guests Friends Location Preference Time Preference
Both Both Public Public
Location Both Public Friend
-------- Both Friend Friend
Time Both Friend Public
-------- Time Private Friend
-------- -------- Private Private
-------- Location Friend Private
Time Time Private Public
Location Location Public Private
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