Account Merge


[edit] Traditional Account Merge

The "traditional" account merge allows you to move post counts (but not forum posts themselves), join dates , and account names between accounts. Account Merges fall under the same rules as Name Changes - Read the Name Change rules in the forums.

[edit] New True Account Merge

Starting Sept 28, 2009, a newer, improved "True Account Merge" is now available to members. The true account merge will take many stats from an old account, merge them into a new account, and delete the old account altogether. It then adds the old account's username into the new account's username change history for the purpose of redirecting the old URL and allow proper PM forwarding.

[edit] What is moved?

  • post count
  • actual forum posts
  • private messages (both received and sent pms; but up to your PM limit) and folders
  • contributions
  • FAQs
  • videos
  • Join Date - the "oldest" join date prevails whether it is from the new or old account.
  • guestbook entries
  • activitylog
  • friends and contacts list (optional)
  • favourite forums (optional)
  • your entire blog
  • your comment history
  • your gallery, fanart, and screenshot submissions
  • collections (owned, wanted, and completed games)

[edit] What is NOT moved?

Please note, anything not moved is lost forever!!!!

  • Game Identities: Xbox Live Gamertags from old accounts are only moved if the new account does not have a gamertag already. The same applies to Steam, PSN Id, Wii, etc.
  • Most Profile contact info such as email, IM accounts, etc, are not moved if the new account already has this info. The original info on your new account will stay there.
  • anytime a piece of information is already on the new account we preserve the new info and discard the incoming one. For instance, if you have completed a game in both accounts, when you merge only the "new account" completion info is kept.
  • CRS permissions As a CRS staff, the permissions would not be retained from the old account. If the new destination account has CRS perms, those would become your new perms.
  • Forum options

[edit] PM Merge Details

WARNING 1: Any unmerged PMs are lost forever
WARNING 2: If you choose not to merge PMs then all PMs from the old account are deleted
WARNING 3: We strongly suggest you backup your PMs before doing a merge.

DO NOT do a "true" account merge if you do not have room to merge all PMs and you want to retain Pms from the old account!!!

[edit] Who Can Do an Account Merge?

Due to limitations in the system and performance problems, we can only merge certain types of accounts. If you have >1000 forum posts in the old account being merged from, we cannot do the merge. We can still move your post counts and join dates, but not perform a true merge at this time.

Because of the PM limit, not all PMs will merge into the destination account. If your destination account has room for more than 100PMs then PMs will be merged into the new account with the following rules:

  • PMs from newest to oldest are merged into the destination account.
  • All folders are moved (but their contents may not make it depending on how much room you have in your destination account).
  • Once your destination account reaches 100 PMs short of its limit, no further PMs are moved from the old account - these "unmerged" PMs will be lost forever!

[edit] Request Template

True Account Merges Cannot be Undone. So think carefully and make sure your request is 100% accurate.

To help you out, try cutting and pasting this request template when sending your request:

Here is my request to merge accounts.  I understand all information in 
the old account, including PMs that cannot be merged, will be deleted
and lost forever.

Merge From: (this account will be deleted)
Merge To:  (all items are merged here)

Import Favourite Forums? YES/NO
Import Friends? YES/NO
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