About Neoseeker

Neoseeker is one of the largest hardcore gaming and computer enthusiast sites in the world. Our goal is simple: make a superb destination for Gaming and PC hardware information, and build a community around useable and useful social features that are fun and improve the experience of visiting our site. Powered by the passion of our community and staff, Neoseeker's lifelong ambition is to be a truly outstanding destination for independent journalism and social gaming media.

At Neoseeker we hope to help you:

  • Find walkthroughs, cheats, and other helpful information for your favourite games.
  • Get help on our forums for when the cheats and walkthroughs aren't enough.
  • Find and read an aggregate of reviews from around the Internet.
  • Meet other gamers and PC enthusiasts such as yourself.
  • Share and discuss on your favourite games, hardware, movies, and other hobbies.

Neoseeker is under constant development, and new products and their reviews are being indexed every day. Our vibrant community of users are constantly discussing various topics that pique the interest of enthusiasts and gamers. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to drop by our Requests and Suggestions forum, one of the first forums of its kind in the net. We are always open to any ideas to improve the ease of use and value of Neoseeker and welcome all commentary.

This site is made possible thanks to the truly amazing passion and dedication of gamers and enthusiasts. We love our games, our tech, our hobbies, and of course, Neoseeker. Since you're here, you probably love those same hobbies, and we hope you come to love Neoseeker too :).

Neoseeker is a part of the NetShelter Branded Network, a collection of some of the top sites in the tech and entertainment sector. If you are interested in advertising on Neoseeker, please visit our Advertising page for information about advertising.

If you are looking for more information on the site, feel free to browse any of the links below.

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  • If you have any other suggestions, questions, or you would like to get your product reviewed by Neoseeker, please feel free to contact us using our webmaster contact form.
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