3DS Screenshots and Videos

We often get asked how to take screenshots, screencaptures, and videos from a 3DS.

There's no easy built in 3DS capture system built in, but here are 3 options that you can try:

  1. Use Wifi capture via Miiverse feature.
    1. this only works on games that have Miiverse community, and even then not all games are supported. Games that don't work include Pokemon.
  2. Some games have their own screenshot function
  3. Get your 3DS modified by 3dscapture.com which does a physical mod to the 3DS to add a USB output so you can record data on your PC. This option is expensive $200USD or more!
  4. Setup a camera and tripod and just film gameplay. See here for an example. This might make it very awkward since you have to hold the device very still.
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