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A Wiki Leader is a NeoWiki rank that was introduced in the NeoWiki overhaul on 28 June 2012. It is similar to the old Wiki Admin tag in that they are the main leader for that specific NeoWiki and they should be the first person to contact before messaging the Wiki Super Admins.

On the user's profile, the following will appear below his or her avatar:

Wiki Leader



Being a Wiki Leader comes with a higher level of responsibility, in that they are the main leader for their wiki, and their behaviour should be of a high standard. You are an icon to the general public. Every move you make will be watched carefully by many people, some of whom are waiting to jump all over you the instant you make a mistake. You are also expected to uphold a higher level of conduct around the site. Having someone who's a wiki staff member getting banned from multiple forums doesn't give a very positive image of the team as a whole, so do try to be on your best behavior.


How do I get promoted?

To qualify for this position, some of the credentials you could show are

  • A level of commitment to your wiki, such as thorough & consistent editing.
  • Actively try and promote that wiki on the forums, for example, with the use of the wikiembed tags.

If deemed as a potential Wiki Leader candidate, the Wiki Super Admin team will get into contact with you.


Differing from the Wiki Admin rank, the Wiki Leader has more extended permissions than before. Some of these include, but are not limited to, changing the wiki's logo, changing the wiki's theme and they can edit the wiki's CSS.

Not only that, but the user will also have access to the NeoWiki Central Forum.


While a promotion to Wiki Leader is carried out manually by a member of the Wiki Super team, demotions are carried out automatically should a Wiki Leader fail to continue contributing to his or her Wiki for an extended period of time. While leading the Wiki and the community contributing to your Wiki is a key part of being a Wiki Leader, continuing to contribute to the wiki personally is not only a great way to encourage continued and future contributions from current and even future editors, but is also a required part of maintaining your role as wiki leader.

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