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Using the Bootstrap framework, and Neo's own framework you can do the following styles.


[edit] Sections

[edit] Basics

<div class="section section-box">
<div class="section-header">Header</div>
<div class="section-footer">footer</div>

You need a wrapper div with the class section and then the type of section you want to use. The normal style is section-box.

There's two optional parts you can add to the section. The section-header and section-footer

[edit] section-box

class: section-box



[edit] section-info

class: section-info

[edit] section-info-inverse

class: section-info-inverse

[edit] Labels

label <span class="label">label</span>
success <span class="label label-success">label</span>
warning <span class="label label-warning">label</span>
important <span class="label label-important">label</span>
info <span class="label label-info">label</span>
inverse <span class="label label-inverse">label</span>

[edit] Badges

badge <span class="badge">badge</span>
success <span class="badge badge-success">badge</span>
warning <span class="badge badge-warning">badge</span>
important <span class="badge badge-important">badge</span>
info <span class="badge badge-info">badge</span>
inverse <span class="badge badge-inverse">badge</span>

[edit] Icons

For a list of all icons see:

<i class="icon-user"></i>

[edit] Bootstrap components that don't work

  • Anything that uses a class on an anchor tag
  • Cannot use classes on lists
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