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There are multiple ways to share pages from Neoseeker onto social networks.

[edit] Sharing using Memberbar

New to Neoseeker in June 2010 is the ability to share any page on Neoseeker using the Memberbar. For this feature to work you must have your Neoseeker account connected to social networks (use this Social Connect page)!

If you hover over your username in the bar, you will see a Share option. Click on that to open up a dialog box to share the page you are currently on.

Neoseeker share from memberbar.png

Share Dialog Box:

The box that comes up allows you to pick an image to attach to Facebook, and also add a bit of text to the share. Click the "Share" button to share the page to whichever networks you are connected to and have checked off in the form.

Neoseeker share from memberbar dialog.png

[edit] Sharing using Social Connect

If you Connect your Neoseeker account to Twitter and/or Facebook, you can set your profile to automatically Tweet or post to your Facebook wall when you perform actions such as Liking or Favouriting something, or if you post new fanart, gallery images, or forum threads. Each "type" of action can be customized to share or not share. For more information see the Connect page.

[edit] Other Sharing Options in the Forums and News

Even if you have not connected your Neoseeker account to any social networks you can share news articles and forum threads: every single thread and news article has simple sharing icons that let you share.

In the threads:

Forum share without connecting.png
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