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Neoseeker has forums for all popular gaming consoles and games. The games are split into different genres (Action and Arcade, Simulation, Sports and Racing, and others) These different genre categories are known as sections. In some cases, a member may be a moderator for a specific section, giving that user moderation powers in all forums of that section.

One of the primary roles of a section moderator is community building: being active within the section, creating discussions, and developing the forums for upcoming games, are all tasks that section moderators are expected to be engaged in. This aspect has received a particular emphasis since the section moderator role was relaunched, in the hope that it would cease to be viewed by some as a janitorial position.

A section moderator can also act as a "backup" moderator to locally moderated forums at the request of the local forum's moderator.

Despite Section Moderators having a higher level of power over local forum moderators, local forum moderators are honorably recognized as higher in authority over their forum than the moderator of the section in which the forum is located. Section moderators typically would only intervene on moderated local forum matters on rare occasions such as if a situation becomes increasingly volatile and the local moderator is not around to control the situation.

Current Section Moderator Listing

The following is a list of Section Moderators and the sections they moderate on the site.

Name Section
Couttsy Action [3DS]
Hell Fire RPG [PS4]
Kaharius Sports/Simulation [PC]
Action and Shooters [PC]
MegaBassMan Strategy [PC]
Pappi Sports [PS4]
Storm Action [PS4]
Team Hydro Aura Action [3DS]
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