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[edit] threadmessages

This API call is currently not available publicly.

Retrieve a single forum thread message object which contains the body, subject, author details, forum details, and message settings (such as disabled smileys).

Example requests:

[edit] Editing Messages

This API call allows editing of the thread message via a POST to the correct API call of the message. For example, if your app performs a POST with body "hello" to the above example URL request it will attempt to edit the forum post with "hello" as the contents.

Currently only body and subject are editable via the API.

json output

-forum: {
forumid: "15"
forumname: "ReQuests, Feedback and Suggestions"
-thread: {
threadid: "1619884"
title: "[Suggestion] Autocomplete"
messageid: "30616178"
subject: "re: [Suggestion] Autocomplete"
body: "Like NAMFox, this could potentially be a project started by savvy contributors like <a href="" class="mention">bobbonew</a>, <a href="" class="mention">Chiggins</a>, or others who are strong in Javascript. <a href="" class="mention">Artificer</a> might even have a few pointers or some code that could be the basis of this. I think since we now use the jQuery library its possible to build upon that more easily than it would have been 3-4 years ago.<br /><br />If we did this in the form of a javascript library maintained in the open by the community through a project on Github or other similar services, with the collaboration with staff it could marry the best of the creative abilities of members who happen to have knowledge in the field, and also the ability for staff to help tweak behaviour as we change the site's native behaviour (eg when tags change).<br /><br />Because its not a compiled plugin that requires a "development environment" and because we won't have to go through the Mozilla approval process, a javascript library project managed on a public repository could be very easy to maintain for multiple users. We could assign write privileges to key contributors to make changes straight to the main project, and other volunteers can fork the project and contribute patches that we can re-integrate into the main project.<br /><br />Personally, I feel such projects, let's say they are NeoHQ curated but run by the community, could result in MANY enhancements to the user experience, think of them as user made plugins to the site.<br /><br />Even more ideal, IMO, would be trying to figure out a true plugin architecture for Neo. This, combined with these community contributed libraries, and our soon to be growing <a href="" target="_blank" class="wikianchor">web API</a>, could result in some very interesting things."
-owner: {
memberid: "1"
username: "Redemption"
url: ""
api_url: ""
posted_date: "2011-02-13 19:12:32"
status: "normal"
usesig: "Y"
disablesmileys: "N"
replynum: "8"
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