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[edit] FAQs/Walkthroughs on Neoseeker and our other sites

FAQs and Walkthroughs are posted on Neoseeker with permission. We follow the posting guidelines set by the FAQ authors. These FAQs are kept up to date and we update our FAQs on a daily basis to keep up with the authors. FAQs/Walkthroughs are Copyright their original authors, and should NOT be reproduced or credited to Neoseeker or any of Neoseeker's other sites. We give full credit to the authors of these works, and you should do so too when referring to them.

[edit] Linking to FAQs/Walkthroughs

Please do NOT link directly to any FAQs, Walkthroughs or Guides. These are usually massive documents and the cost for hosting these resources is tremendous - all the more so if you are offering them merely as a link from another site. Instead, please link to any of the pages which list the FAQs.

[edit] Getting Help for FAQs

Feel free to use our forums to get help on specific games. If you want to contact a FAQ author directly, we urge you to do so AFTER reading through their FAQ/Walkthrough carefully. FAQ/Walkthrough authors are normal people too, and they often get a LOT of email. Please respect their efforts by first consulting their FAQs before you ask them anything. In the long run, this will best benefit all the members of the gaming community. Remember, the whole point of these FAQs are to answer commonly asked questions. There's no point in asking the author something that you could have found out by going through something that's already posted on Neoseeker or one of Neoseeker's other sites.

So do some research, then if you can't find answers to your questions, consult whether an author states you can email him or her for help. Some authors prefer to only receive emails from contributors or people pointing out errors in FAQs. Read their disclaimers and respect what they request in their FAQs!

If we can all work like this, the end result is better gaming for us all :).

If you have any further questions about FAQs, feel free to post them in our forums. Some of the FAQ authors actually hang around there so you can get some general questions answered.

Happy Gaming All.

[edit] Submitting FAQs

If you are an author of a FAQ, Walkthrough or Guide, you can submit your work for display on Neoseeker. We post all work in their original form, and follow your posting guidelines strictly!

There are 3 ways to submit your FAQ/Walkthrough.

  1. Send them as attachments to faqs [at] neoseeker [dot] com
  2. Upload them using our faqs submission form.
  3. Find the game on the site, then find the contribute link and submit the FAQ through the list of contributions
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